Thursday, November 7, 2013

Showcase Pop talismans MFP

Inspired by the French avant-garde, the punk movement and Italian craftsmanship, the Italian designer Maria Francesca Pepe sign MFP brand jewelry at the conceptual design, sharp, geometric but not devoid of romanticism. A cocktail that has pleased the Urban Outfitters brand, installed recently in France. In the space of Galeries Lafayette, the American label offers MFP creations and, in January, a line that Maria Francesca Pepe has an exclusive design. Creative comments here three his achievements.

EARRINGS . "I wanted to reinterpret the Christian symbol of the Sacred Heart in more pop, more graphic, more modern are found three elements: the wife, the heart, the sword, but in a totally deconstructed . This gives it a new dimension. Like the practice of deconstruction makes more readable symbols and offer alternative readings. "

Silver and enamel, 132 €.

NECKLACE "It belongs to the collection made ​​for Urban Outfitters. This piece symbolizes a starry night, a part of the sky after a constellation with its triangle of a brilliant for the star, with a touch of gold for Earth and infinity sign to the sky. A magical object, a kind of amulet. This model embodies both the incisive mind of my brand, and refined and feminine side of Urban Outfitters. "

Gold plated chain and bright MFP for UO, available in January, 25 €. 

THE CUFF "This jewel is inspired by the beautiful and sad Never is a Promise , a title the American singer Fiona Apple , and signs that the fight against bad vibes. The evil eye, for example, is a Turkish symbol used to protect the Devil. eyes, made ​​by Italian craftsmen, demanded a neat enamel work. "

Plated, Swarovski crystals and enamel, brass € 282.

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