Monday, July 1, 2013

The Kitchen Plays Collective

Inaugurated in April in Paris, The Republic pastry is first an appetizing shop that aligns buttons, small cabbage, biscuits and minicakes all garment 100% scale. A treat for the sweet tooth, but also a unique concept in the capital: as its name suggests, The Republic is a gourmet pastry class, which includes the creation of four entrepreneurs constituted GIE (Economic Interest Grouping).

Forties, ex-communicating or business, they are recent converts to the pastry by passion. Easter Girl Choo created in 2012, after having obtained his CAP and has been selling its delicious sweet and savory cabbage on the Internet. Like Benjamin, B [n] S Kitchen, which produces lovingly tarts, macaroons and desserts. Marion Proust was inducted "biscuit" after a career in real estate and finance, and dedicated - surname forces - the madeleines and other "goodies reminiscent of childhood" . As for Valerie Berthelot, former specialist travel business, she divides her time between a job in Dalloyau and making "cupcakes travel."

By necessity first, these réenchantés of pastry shared their laboratory near La Villette. But it is especially for envy they started their shop, whose emblem (cross whips) recalls the blades met the Musketeers. "Probably because we are not the" middle ", we wanted to do things otherwise , they explain. We wanted to create a collective territory, telling a simple, traditional and democratic history. "

If the collaborative spirit is still rare in the competitive world of restoration initiatives are beginning to break , especially around sharing workspaces and places of sale. Designed for budding chefs, enthusiasts in retraining, small specialized caterers or street vendors lack of space, "shared kitchens" are already successful in the United States. Example: La Cocina created in San Francisco in 2005 and opened the South American immigrants (who often supplement household income by selling homemade dishes).

"We believe, ensures Caleb Zigas , director of La Cocina project, there is a community of people just waiting to take and, together with the space and appropriate means, can create standalone business advantage as their family and their community. " This "culinary incubator" was born amount of new business individual, for the pleasure of eating California.

The model has strongly influenced the truck drivers, the project, funded in part by participating websites will be the first of its kind in France: The Office, a "house of culinary entrepreneurship", and L'Atelier, a multifunctional space in the Paris suburbs, will be offered to cooks from all walks home chefs or itinerant event cooks or culinary authors testing recipes.

"The idea is to pool the resources and production costs, says Anaïs Tarby, one of the four founders of the project. We want to build a true "ecosystem", a place where you can work , exchange ideas and benefits, and provide tools such opportunities. " While work just beginning, the entry list is already long. And ambitions of the quartet abound, such a festival of participatory street food, like the popular Brooklyn Smorgasburg , a market which meets every week one hundred vendors street food gourmet New York .

The truck drivers have agreed to meet you all summer to a string of gourmet trucks in the north of Paris, in front of the old d'Ornano station Porte de Clignancourt. The same location where open in the next few months, The Recyclerie, alternative restaurant and bar operating with teams rotating kitchen. Right in the trend of "All-Share" and "multi-use", the project is led by team Sinny & Ooko already familiar with the genre (Glaz'art, Divan du monde, Comptoir Général).

"We want to set up a collaborative restoration, says Marion Bocahut of Sinny & Ooko, which allows to have a great culinary diversity and a lot of freedom for the customers and for the leaders: good cheap canteen at noon, more elaborate menus and international evening, brunch on weekends , formulas tapas, kebabs or snacks anytime ... We must change the offer, while adapting to the demand for cooks who want to have more time for them. " Liberty, Equality, Fraternity ... blowouts and good perspective.

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