Sunday, February 17, 2013

Perfume: Italian Fluid

MISSING THE DISPLAYS OF PERFUME few years ago, the Water for Men by Giorgio Armani back. Born in 1984, the very first perfume creator has never been able to match the tidal wave caused by the success of Acqua Di Gio twelve years later. Drowned, he finally out of the catalog of the house. However, this is probably the most faithful to smell the world of fashion as it focuses both his Italian roots and the flowing lines of its costumes. Heiress of traditional colognes and citrus zest grown in Calabria, it bears the timeless chic camphor notes found in A Man For Caron.

A fresh scent that stands out in the 1980s, even though the competition throws punches olfactory ultra-virile as Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent or Black Drakkar of Guy Laroche . Reprinted in its original formula, Water For Men Armani has undergone only tiny changes of clothing. The bottle with broad shoulders rounded nod to the deconstructed suit jackets designer abandons the gold metal for silver highlights. And typography has gained sobriety. Sometimes just dive into the archives of a house to find the most modern compositions.

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